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Kokusai Training Institute (KTI) is a professional training centre approved by the Workforce Development Agency as a training cum an assessment centre. All our security personnel are trained at our training centre and possess certification to meet the National Skills standard. Our trainers have professional qualifications in Law, Psychology, Sociology and Police Studies and Security Management. We also have a PhD holder in Security & Fire Safety Management, a Certified Industry Trainer and a Qualified Fire Safety Manager. 


Our training school provides the following WSQ approved training courses:

Units under “Certificate in Security Operations”

A. Core Units
1) Handle security incidents and services
2) Provide guard and patrol services
3) Handle counter-terrorism activities
4) Perform security operations within legal framework
B. Elective Units (choose 3 units)
1) Demonstrate first and & CPR skills
2) Assist in the evacuation of premises
3) Manage disorderly conduct & threatening behavior
4) Conduct security screening (equipment based) of persons
5) Operate specialized security equipment
6) Maintain & preserve CCTV storage libraries
7) Maintain CCTV systems
8) Perform control room monitoring activities
9) Conduct crowd and traffic control
10) Control entry and exit access points
11) Perform covert retail security
12) Minimize retail theft and loss
13) Deploy dogs for security patrol
14) Provide mobile patrol service
15) Handle customer enquiries and requests
16) Provide GEMS service
17) Communication and relationship management
18) Workplace, safety and health  


Units under “Advance Certificate in Security Supervision”
A. Core Units
1) Supervise security services
2) Supervise security risks
3) Supervise security activities
4) Perform supervisory duties within legal framework
B. Elective Units (choose 4 units)
1) Communication and relationship management
2) Prepare incident reports
3) Conduct induction on site
4) Manage control centre & security systems
5) Conduct assignment study
6) Demonstrate leadership at work
7) Conduct operation briefing and debriefing
8) Workplace, safety and health  


Units under “Diploma in Security Management”
A. Core Units
1) Conduct security survey
2) Co-ordinate & monitor security operations
3) Manage security operations within legal framework
4) Plan for security risk
5) Manage and evaluate security risk
B. Elective Units (choose 4)
1) Develop marketing strategy
2) Develop budgets and financial plans
3) Communication and relationship management
4) Workplace safety and health
5) Initiative and enterprise
6) Manage personal work performance
7) Manage & resolve conflict
8) Plan delivery of manpower services
9) Lead & manage teams
10) Manage quality client service
11) Manage people performance
12) Submit tender
13) Implement a business plan
14) Implement budgets and financial plans
15) Employ and induct staff  


Units under “Enhanced Basic Assistant Private Investigator Course” (pending WSQ)
1) Background of private investigation in Singapore
2) Prepare work activities
3) Private Investigation and Security Agency Act
4) Job of a private investigator
5) Private investigation process
6) Safety measures
7) Singapore Laws and Acts
8) Professionalism and ethics  


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